Allergen Information

Our staff need to be informed of your allergy every time you dine with us even if you have eaten the dish before so that every precaution can be taken in our kitchen to prevent cross contamination. This can be done via the order notes when placing the order. This guide is for informational purposes only, we cannot guarantee it may be correct.

Due to the manufacturing process of the spices we obtain from all over the globe, there is a potential for trace elements of all the main allergens like Peanuts and other nuts, Sesame seeds, Cereals containing Gluten, Milk, Celery, Soya, Mustard & Sulphates.

If the product says "Allergies: None known", please check with a member of staff before ordering.

If you have any questions, please ring us. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Poppadoms & Pickles

Selection of poppadoms and chutneys

V Plain PoppadomAllergies: Please Ask
V Spicy PoppadomAllergies: Please Ask
V Sweet MangoAllergies: Please Ask
V Lime PickleAllergies: Please Ask
V Mint SauceAllergies: Milk
V Onion SaladAllergies: Please Ask
Full Chutney Tray
Selection of Mint, Mango, Onion and Lime Pickle
Allergies: Please Ask


V Onion Bhaji
Slices of onions infused with gram flour & spices then deep fried.
Allergies: Eggs
Lamb Samosa
Tasty Triangular Pastry with fillings deep fried
Allergies: Eggs
V Vegetable Samosa
Tasty Triangular Pastry with fillings deep fried
Allergies: Eggs
Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken marinated with fresh spices, yoghurt and herbs then grilled in our clay oven.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Chicken Tikka Koorgi
Boneless chicken marinated with fresh spices, grilled in oven then added to a special battered sauce, flash fried
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
Lamb Tikka
Boneless lamb marinated with fresh spices, yoghurt and herbs then grilled in our clay oven.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Chicken Tikka Chaat
Diced chicken tikka, with an amazing combination of chat masala & spices
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Mixed Kebab
A mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheekh kebab.
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
V Aloo Chaat
Sliced potatoes cooked with tomatoes, chickpeas and chaat masala.
Allergies: Please Ask
Sheekh Kebab
Minced lamb cooked on skewers then grilled in our clay oven
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
Tandoori Chicken
On the bone spring chicken marinated in special recipe & grilled in a tandoori.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Nargis Kebab
Mince meat patties spiced with fenugreek, garlic and ginger garnished in an egg blanket
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
Prawn Puree
Prawns cooked with herbs & spices & served on a fried puree bread
Allergies: Fish
King Prawn Butterfly
Butterflied King Prawn, lightly spiced with fresh herbs, coated with bread crumbs, flash fried.
Allergies: Eggs, Fish
Sweet Chilli Chicken
Boneless chicken marinated with fresh spices, grilled in oven then added to a special battered sauce, flash fried, Then added to a beautiful sweet chilli chutney
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard

Black Peppers Specials

Chefs exclusive dishes spanning the whoke Indian subcontinent

Chula Mix
Chef Naz special recipe. Strips of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Prawns, Sheekh Kebab, Boiled Egg finished in a black pepper and sweet chilli sauce
Allergies: Eggs, Fish, Milk, Mustard
Zinga Garlic Bhuna
6/8 Seawater jumbo king prawns cooked in a home style sauce with Onions, Tomatoes, peppers and Bullet Chillies finished with lots of garlic and coriander.
Allergies: Fish
Aam Achari Tikka
Golden brown onions, turmeric, Cumin and fresh coriander in a medium sauce with Mango chutney and tomatoes
Allergies: Please Ask
Jalapeño Kufta
Lamb mince Meatballs with golden brown onions, garlic & ginger paste, fresh coriander your choice of chicken or lamb cooked with Jalapeño peppers finished in a mustard & sweet chilli sauce.
Allergies: Mustard
Thick based Bhuna sauce with a powerful combination of Green Chillies, Lemon Juice, Fresh coriander and our Chefs special sauce (HOT)
Allergies: Please Ask
Tandoori Shashlick Bhuna
A sensational dish which is the perfect partnership between our grill and Chefs cooking styles. Beautiful charcoal chicken or lamb slow cooked in the Tandoori oven with onions, Green peppers and tomatoes, Then added to a garlic, Ginger and black pepper sauce garnished with fresh coriander
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Shahi Tikka Passanda
Fit for royalty beautiful sweet combination of melted butter, Coconut, Double cream, Rose water, Sultanas and a beautiful strawberry syrup.
Allergies: Eggs, Milk
Garlic Tikka Chilli Fry
Splendid combination of chicken or lamb tikka with garlic, ginger, diced fresh green chillies, coriander, tomatoes and cloves of garlic diced and flash fried (HOT)
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Khatta Tikka
Exceptional flavours, special sweet & sour sauce made with beautiful tangy tamarind, lemon juice and ground coconut served with a slice of lemon.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Makhani Tikka
Beautiful melted butter, garlic paste, fresh coriander, ground coconut, Cane sugar, turmeric and a hint of black pepper
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
Deshi Tikka
Tender pieces of Chicken or Lamb Tikka slow cooked with lentils, green chillies, fresh herbs and spices with a whole Boiled Egg
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
Rampuri Tikka
Pan fried chopped onions, Green Pepper, cane sugar, tomatoes and fresh coriander finally glazed with pure honey drizzling with richness.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Strips of Barbecued Chicken or Lamb pan fried in garlic and Onion slices with fenugreek, coriander and a panfried mushroom topping
Allergies: Please Ask
Mr Nagawala Tikka
The wives traditional sauce of Bhuna style curry with chicken or lamb cooked in a red chilli, garlic, mixed herbs and spicy Naga Chilli pickle.
Allergies: Please Ask

House Classics

Now onto the house classics. Black Peppers interpretation of all these classics which span the whole of the Indian subcontinent

Tikka Massala
Nations favourite pimento tomato, coconut, almond garnished with sugar and cream
Allergies: Milk, Mustard, Nuts
A delicate preparation of ground coconut and almond finished in a sweet creamy sauce.
Allergies: Milk, Nuts
A delicate dish cooked with ground almonds and coconut in a mild aromatic sauce.
Allergies: Milk, Nuts
Medium spice dish thoroughly garnished with onions and medium spices producing a curry full of flavour.
Allergies: Please Ask
Dupiaza meaning double onions is a dish cooked with plenty of freshly seasoned onions with medium ground mixed spices
Allergies: Please Ask
Rogon Josh
Traditional favourite medium spicy dish garnished with fresh tomatoes
Allergies: Please Ask
Traditional favourite medium spicy dish garnished with fresh tomatoes, onion chunks, green peppers and Karahi spices
Allergies: Please Ask
Traditional Indian dish consisting of fresh yoghurt garnished with fresh coriander & tomatoes.
Allergies: Milk
Medium spicy dish cooked with special Balti spices, currently the craze of the Midlands, Commonly eaten with naan bread.
Allergies: Please Ask
Specially prepared dish delicately spiced and cooked with spinach
Allergies: Please Ask
A dish of Persian origin, cooked with lentils and balanced in a hot sweet and sour flavour.
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with zesty tomatoes and finished in a hot sweet and sour sauce.
Allergies: Please Ask
Classic Jalfrezi recipe of peppers, onions and green chillies mixed with masala spices.
Allergies: Please Ask
Famous South Indian dish cooked in a rich and hot flavour
Allergies: Please Ask
Widley known for its fiery hot taste cooked with ground red chillies
Allergies: Please Ask
A nice runny sauce with mixed massala spices, herbs with a smooth finish.
Allergies: Please Ask
Marinated pieces of chicken or Lamb grilled in the clay oven then prepared with a special butter topping
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
A zesty dish cooked with golden brown onions, Lime pickle, coriander and tomatoes
Allergies: Please Ask
A delicate preparation of ground coconut and almond finished in a sweet creamy sauce garnished with pimentos and pure honey.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard, Nuts

Biryani Dishes

Rice combination dish. Served with a medium vegetable sauce, can be changed to hot on request.

Special Biryani
Mixed Chicken, Lamb & Prawns
Allergies: Fish
Chicken BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
Lamb BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
Prawn BiryaniAllergies: Fish
Chicken Tikka BiryaniAllergies: Milk, Mustard
Lamb Tikka BiryaniAllergies: Milk, Mustard
King Prawn BiryaniAllergies: Fish
V Vegetable BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask

Tandoori Dishes

Fresh off the grill. Our amazing tandoori chefs’ personal own recipes which have been perfected in our tandoori Clay oven with over a decade of experience. All served with salad & mint sauce.

Tandoori Chicken
On the bone half spring chicken with tandoori masala spices and yoghurt. Then flame grilled.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Sheekh Kebab
Lamb sausages cooked on skewers, with fresh herbs and spices slowly roasted in the tandoori
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
Chicken Tikka
Breast fillet chicken marinated and grilled topped with onions
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Lamb Tikka
Nicely sized cuts of Lamb leg, with ground spices and a hint of lemon juice.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Tandoori King Prawns
King sized prawns marinated in specially selected herbs & spices grilled in the tandoori
Allergies: Fish, Milk, Mustard
Tandoori Mega Platter
Pieces of Chicken Tikka, Lamb tikka, Sheekh Kebab and a Tandoori Chicken served with a fluffy naan.
Allergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
Paneer Shashlick
Indian Cottage Cheese skewers slow roasted with marinated onion, bell peppers and tomato.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard
Chicken or Lamb skewers slow roasted with marinated onion, bell peppers and tomato.
Allergies: Milk, Mustard

Vegetable Side Dishes

V Bombay AlooAllergies: Please Ask
V Sag AlooAllergies: Please Ask
V Aloo GobiAllergies: Please Ask
V Sag PaneerAllergies: Milk
V Chana MasalaAllergies: Please Ask
V Tarka DallAllergies: Please Ask
V Sag BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Bhindi BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Chana PaneerAllergies: Milk
V Aloo ChanaAllergies: Please Ask
V Brinjal BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Mushroom BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Cauliflower BhajiAllergies: Please Ask


Selection of Naans and Breads

V Plain NaanAllergies: Eggs, Milk
Keema NaanAllergies: Eggs, Milk, Mustard
V Peshwari NaanAllergies: Eggs, Milk
V Garlic NaanAllergies: Eggs, Milk
V Vegetable NaanAllergies: Eggs, Milk
V Cheese NaanAllergies: Eggs, Milk
V Chilli NaanAllergies: Eggs, Milk
V ParathaAllergies: Milk
Stuffed ParathaAllergies: Milk
Tandoori RotiAllergies: Please Ask
V ChapatiAllergies: Please Ask
Cheese & Garlic NaanAllergies: Please Ask


Selection of Black Peppers rices

V Boiled RiceAllergies: Please Ask
V Pilao RiceAllergies: Please Ask
V Egg RiceAllergies: Eggs
V Vegetable RiceAllergies: Please Ask
V Chana Rice
Basmati rice with Chickpeas
Allergies: Please Ask
V Mushroom RiceAllergies: Please Ask
V Garlic RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Keema RiceAllergies: Mustard
V Special Rice
Egg and Green Peas
Allergies: Eggs
V Fried RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Coconut Rice
Basmati rice with coconut
Allergies: Please Ask


V Raita
Yoghurt with onions & Cucumber
Allergies: Please Ask
V ChipsAllergies: Please Ask
Curry Sauce
Plain curry sauce
Allergies: Please Ask
Madras Sauce
Hot madras sauce
Allergies: Please Ask
Half Chicken Tikka Masala
Kids size Chicken Tikka Masala
Allergies: Please Ask
Half Chicken Korma
Kids size portion of korma
Allergies: Please Ask
Masala Sauce
Medium sized container of Masala sauce
Allergies: Milk
Korma Sauce
Medium sized container of Korma Sauce
Allergies: Milk, Nuts


CokeAllergies: Please Ask
Diet CokeAllergies: Please Ask
FantaAllergies: Please Ask
7upAllergies: Please Ask
Water BottleAllergies: Please Ask